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Request for genealogical help on Bélangers


[Note:  Please use maiden names for all women
& dates in Day/Month/Year format]

18 Sep 2022

Bélanger family genealogy assistance policy.

If you are looking for assistance regarding the Bélanger family genealogy, we are most happy to provide you with any assistance and/or research that we can. There is no charge for this service or information. If, however, you feel that the information you receive is worth it, you may send a donation of $15 or more to the American Canadian Genealogy Society, 1 Sundial Ave, Suite 317N, Manchester, NH 03103. Please mention that you are sending this tax deductible donation because of our research which was done using a great deal of the library's resources.

Our strict policy for providing this information.

We collect information from many sources. Some of these sources are individuals who are concerned as to how the information will be used. They have some hesitation in providing personal family information and specific mailing addresses. We promise that we will not publish this database and will continue to maintain it as a resource database for use in helping others find their family ancestry. Without this assurance, many would not provide us with their family information including information on births, marriages, divorces, etc.

In order to maintain this trust, we ask you to provide two things.

(1). We need to confirm that you are a descendant of the family you are asking about. This assures us that you are seeking this information for personal use and are not selling it to others or publishing it for personal gain. In order to do that, we need you to supply full birth names and marriage place/date for you, your parents, your grandparents, etc., continuing until you reach the family which is causing you to be at a "dead end". This allows us to include you in our database in the family for which you are seeking information.  Once we find your family, we will send you a family group sheet with the info we have.  We would appreciate it you would fill in the missing data and send it back.

(2) We need your postal address. We will be using some of the information you provide us and we need to refer to the source of that information. We have found, in the past, that a name and e-mail address is not good enough as e-mail addresses change so often. We need to have a physical location for you at the time the information was exchanged. If someone asks us, what is the source of that information, we need to be able to site you as the source and your relationship to the family in question.

If you will help us by freely providing this information right at the outset, we will do all in our power to assist you.

                       Two Common Mistakes made by those asking for help are:
1.  Giving us names of husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and not giving us maiden names of their wives!
2.  Using dates like 5/8/1889 which could be 5 August or 8 May.  Please use dates with the month in letters, not numbers.

Contact Information below:

Jim Bélanger (English or/ou Francais)
32 Plain Rd.  Hollis, NH 03049


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