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    What I hope to provide here is a brief explanation of the Blazon or Coat of Arms you see in the top left corner. It should be understood that a Coat of Arms is awarded to a person and not to a family name per-se. So the actual use of any Coat of Arms has been used in this country quite liberally to say the least.  I'm sure that most heraldry experts pull their hair out every time they choose to visit one of our genealogical web sites and find the "Family Crest" plastered all over the pages. This one included.

    This is, in fact, an actual Coat of Arms awarded to a Jean Bélanger. Now unless we can prove our lineage back to this individual we may adopt the use of this Crest as "ours" but I assure you it is a most liberal interpretation of the "rules."  From what I have discovered in my research this particular individual was not a king, or even a lord, but rather an archer who must have demonstrated great skill and bravery to have been awarded this honor.

    The most important part of the crest above is the shield itself. The color is described as "Azure" which is a sky blue much the same color found on the flag of Quebec as opposed to a "Royal Blue."  The chevron is "L'or" or gold. Both colors have significance.

Ron Belanger


Its virtues are:     Justice, Loyalty and Courage.

Its worldly qualities are:    Perseverance, Being Praise Worthy and Gentle.

Its element is:     Air

Its Obligation:     To assist the servants of the Prince, to protect, serve and defend and the weak.

L'or, or Gold

Its virtues are:    Faith, Justice and Clemency.

Its worldly qualities are:     Nobility, Generosity and Love.

Its element is:    Fire

Its Obligation is:     To defend the good and honorable, to fight to the death in defense of ones native land.


The Timbre or helmet signifies by its profile, a nobleman or gentleman. The mantling or leafy decorative ornamentation around the top and sides is just that, decoration. It can be as simple or as ornate as one chooses.

While not an expert on the subject I have done quite a bit of research on this Crest, and used as references: Heraldica's Armorial General as well as Dictionnaire Armorial des Noms de famille de France.  


What you see at the top of this page as an Armorial or Coat of Arms for a Jean Belanger, Archer, awarded in 1607. While I have seen other interpretations, according to the Heraldry expert at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. this is the correct interpretation of that Crest. In doing further research I have found that this crest is in the same style and character of others awarded during the same period in history, and in truth could be reduced to the shield itself and nothing more.

   I hope that if anyone has further factual information about this Coat of Arms or Crest that they will forward it to me, as I am interested in being as accurate as possible in the presentation of these facts.

Ron Belanger

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