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Nicolas Bellanger - the owner
His first years in New France
Taken from the notes of Jacques Saintonge - Review of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaurpé

The purchase of land. Shortly after his wedding, Nicolas acquired from Paul De Rainville, his stepfather, for the amount of 150 pounds, a spot with 1 acre of frontage by 10 acres deep. This site in the Fargy's domain was contracted in front of notary Paul Vachon, on February 10, 1661.

All the same, a much more important granting was waiting for him. In fact, on April 17, 1673, in front of notary Vachon, he received a land of 4 acres by 26 acres deep. Nicolas was convened in front of the lord of Beauport, Robert Giffard, along with Jean Galaup, sieur de Montauba, Claude Maugue and the notary Vachon who read the document of concession. At the same time he told him the conditions related to the concession. The licensee shall have to pay each Christmas, the amount of 20 "sols" and 10 "deniers de cens", along with two fat hens. He shall have to build a fence at the front of his land and get his grain milled at the seigneurial manor.

Very happy with his acquisition, the new land owner found out that his two neighbors were Pierre Motrel and Michel Lecourt. His land is adjacent to the road leading to the village. It is worth noting that this concession is the most important one that this young farmer received throughout his life.

In another Vachon contract, dated December 23, 1677, it is said that Nicolas has actually given René Dubois an amount of 100 pounds "tournois" for the sale and delivery of the concession seizure of Henry Chatel "dit" Francoeur who owed such a sum to Dubois. This is a kind of familiar exchange which our ancestors used when they had a debt which they could not repay; they gave up part of their farm. Just recall Alexis' land given as garantee of payment before sunset came around (famous television program of the early days of Radio Canada). Every one recalls that Séraphin took over the land of settler Alexis not without much ill feeling and sorrow.

Nicolas was a land clearer (St-Pierre on Orleans' Island) He had a house on Royal street in Beauport. His son, Pierre, inherited it in 1700. The house then went through the hands of the Sisters of Congregation, then through those of Nichel Dufresne. Nicolas is one of the settler who donated a part of their land for the construction of the church of Beauport.

photos of the Girardin house taken by Jean-Luc Bélanger, summer 2000.
Furnitures of Nicolas' period

Fishes familiar to Nicolas

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